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[scons-dev] Re: [Issue 2881] scons cannot compile d code on windows

Author bdbaddog
Full name William Deegan
Date 2013-02-03 21:13:24 PST
Message EGust,

This is not a bug. This is by design.

Dirk's reference to the FAQ is a reasonable response.

From the FAQ:

> SCons does not automatically propagate the external environment used to execute 'scons' to the commands used to build target files. This is so that builds will be guaranteed repeatable regardless of the environment variables set at the time scons is invoked. This also means that if the compiler or other commands that you want to use to build your target files are not in standard system locations, SCons will not find them unless you explicitly set the PATH to include those locations

If you'll read the remainder of the FAQ referenced, you'll see a way to propagate the user's environment into your SConstruct.
So SCons doesn't prevent you from doing so, but as explained the quote, by design it doesn't propagate the user's environment to ensure a repeatable build (and not just for the author of the SConstruct/SConscripts)

Hope that helps!


On Feb 3, 2013, at 10:10 AM, eGust <egustc at gmail dot com> wrote:

> Why did u rebuke users instead of finding the bug? Your reply was rude.
> The bug is:
> SCons.Platform.win32.py:
> line #342 should be:
> import_env = [ 'SystemDrive', 'SystemRoot', 'TEMP', 'TMP', 'PATH', ]
> 'PATH' is missed so env['ENV']['PATH'] has never been initialized correctly. So Base.WhereIs in SCons.Environment can't get right path and causes reported problems.
>> http://scons.tigris.​org/issues/show_bug.​cgi?id=2881
>> ------- Additional comments from dirkbaechle at tigris dot org Tue Nov 13 00:04:35 -0800 2012 -------
>> Hi,
>> did you already have a look at our FAQ (
>> http://scons.org/wik​i/FrequentlyAskedQue​stions ) ? ;) If not, try point 2.1 in
>> the list...
>> Best regards,
>> Dirk
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[scons-dev] Re: [Issue 2881] scons cannot compile d code on windows bdbaddog William Deegan 2013-02-03 21:13:24 PST
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