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[scons-dev] Pull requests = pain?

Author gward
Full name Greg Ward
Date 2012-03-27 18:37:47 PDT
Message Hi all --

I hate to be that annoying new guy who walks into an existing project
and starts questioning how you're doing things, wondering why the
workflow looks like this, suggesting ways that he'd rather work, etc.
You know the type. They're *annoying*!

Nevertheless, here I am. Just joined the dev list a week, am in the
process of sending in my first patch -- err, sorry, pull request --
and now I want to rain all over your parade.

In particular: does anyone else find the whole process of submitting a
pull request through bitbucket incredibly painful and annoying? I
know, I know, it's how all the cool kids work these days; everybody
raves about how stupendously awesome github is, and I gather bitbucket
provides pretty much the same functionality.

But it just took me 20 minutes of futzing around, going back and forth
between my local hg repo and bitbucket, to get my pull request "just
right". And I had to delete two previous attempts because I wanted a
single shining beautiful changeset that perfectly captured the change
I was making.

Yes, that's right, I'm using MQ to cheat and edit history, because it
makes history look nicer and makes code review easier. Unfortunately,
it appears that "mutable history" and "pull requests" are deeply
incompatible. As near as I can tell, bitbucket really doesn't want you
to combine the two workflows.

In comparison, the other main open source project I work on these days
(Mercurial itself), has an email-based workflow. It works great, at
least for patch submitters. Casual patch review is dead easy too --
you just reply to email with your code review. Thorough patch review,
where you apply the patch locally and try it out, is a bit harder, but
not too bad if you use mutt (or any other mail client that preserves
whitespace exactly).

Anyways: maybe I'm missing something. Maybe pull requests really are
as awesome as everyone says they are. I've been the recipient of a
couple of pull requests in my own project (vcprompt), and they work OK
if you either accept or reject outright. But for mutable patches...
I'm not so sure. Anyone else?

Greg Ward http://www.gerg.ca/
A day without sunshine is like night.

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